As we saw in this past week’s memory verse of Ephesians 1:3, we have been given the entirety of every good gift and inheritance that God offers us as His children through Jesus Christ. We do not have to work to achieve God’s spiritual blessing, freedom, and forgiveness. They were each unconditionally granted to us so that we will be able to walk confidently in Christ without restraint, free from the burdensome weight of sin and the struggle of our own futile, self-righteous efforts. So, whenever we sin as a result of trying to have our needs met within the earthly realm, we do not have to beg God for forgiveness, hide from Him, nor take on the sin as our identity. Our sins do not identify us nor do they need to provoke us to move into a sin-confess cycle. As God’s children, we are identified in Christ, so if the divine Creator does not label us according to our sins, then neither should we create a sin label for ourselves. Sin does hinder our relationship, but God has already made the first move and extended forgiveness to us. We can boldly run to the Father with a repentant heart and seek His restorative power. Our Father God grants each of us unmerited and unlimited favor, grace, and love; in Him, there is no condemnation.