Being truly free in Christ is centered upon our understanding of who we are in Christ.  As humans, we were each given a natural desire to be secure, have significance, and be accepted.  Originally, these were all holy and wholly fulfilled in the Creator to created relationship.  After the fall of man into sin, that relationship was eternally altered, but our original God-given needs and desires remained the same.  However, sin repels a holy Creator, so we are born already distanced from God, with tendencies to go our own way and seek false fulfillment for those needs and desires.  When we realize that those God-given needs (originally envisioned and crafted within us by the God of the Universe) can only be perfectly met by the Designer, then we will be able to be freed from false expectations of the surrounding items, people, and accomplishments to completely satisfy our needs.  We can then see the freedom and full satisfaction that was restored by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who opens all relational doors to the Father.  As the story of Lazarus (John 11:1-44) conveys, our grave has been divinely opened, and we must step out and allow Christ’s hands of love to release us and fulfill our needs, thereby removing the world’s grave clothes that so ensnare and limit us.