Faith in Christ is necessary for one to begin the Christian walk, but faith is deeper than mere belief in the existence of Jesus. Faith involves an element of movement, which hinges on a conscious, daily choice and interaction with the Father. So, we must be careful in where or upon what we choose to ground our faith. We can either falsely move forward with faith in our feelings, which are controlled by circumstances, or we can truly move forward with faith in the reality of who Christ is and what God has revealed through scripture, which is divine truth. Feelings are misleading and ever-changing, but God’s word is firm and eternally consistent. Even though we cannot foresee life’s trials and triumphs, we are called to deny ourselves, including our feelings, and move forward in faith because we have been provided with solid, grounded truth as our trustworthy foundation. Christians do not have a blind faith. We were never asked to take a leap, be positive, and hope for the impossible; instead, we are asked to daily believe in Jesus and the One who sent Him, who is able to do the impossible and has shown His faithfulness. This involves an intentional effort to discern the voice of God as He reveals the individual steps for us to take in life. In His sovereignty, God has stretched out a pre-ordained path for each of us, and He is lovingly calling for us to follow His voice and walk with Him as He mercifully lights our individual steps and gives us the grace and courage to follow through.