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There are three overarching worldviews offered by the world system. These are animism, modernism, and postmodernism. These were developed by and are currently influenced by human wisdom. However, Christians have a separate worldview, which is based on divinely revealed truth, or Spirit wisdom, that will never change and is not limited by time.
Before the universe and time were created, the Trinity was already eternally existent. Along with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and the help of the Son, God sovereignly created the universe, the angels, and the human race. He made one human race and three divisions of angels, which were each led by Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer. Lucifer was considered to be the most beautiful of all the angels, and in his pride, he desired to become God. Lucifer and the angels whom he was over were banished from Paradise and sent into the world, which is inhabited by humans who are a little lower in status than the angels. This demotion continued and still continues to feed the pride of Lucifer, who has declared his mission to be the spiritual death and destruction of mankind.

Due to his own experience, Lucifer was aware of the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life; therefore, his tactic is to deceive and distort the truth of God’s design in order to shift the worldview and the outlook of the human race. The worldviews rooted within the world are ever-changing because they are birthed from the ultimate distorter and destroyer. When speaking to Eve in the garden, he filtered God’s spoken truth through a twist of the truth and an inflection of doubt in order to change the view of God, self, and needs. When this worldview was accepted and the doubt was acted upon, the fall of mankind was brought about. But, God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and ever-present; before time, He had already provided His Son to redeem mankind. After God’s redemptive plan was executed in victory through Christ, Jesus ascended to once again be with the Father, and the Holy Spirit was sent into the world. Because of this, the believers of the human race have been raised up with Christ, higher than the angels; we are Christ’s church, and we can know the mind of Christ.

But, we are still fleshly present in this world, which is under the temporary but very present reign of Satan who is still seeking to destroy lives and distort worldviews through alterations of the eyes, the flesh, and our pride. Satan is a created being and does not have access to the ever-presence, power, and knowledge of God, so he has to deploy his angels to wreak havoc through any means upon the earth and on the inhabitants therein. Through active belief and faith in Christ, we are protected by the hand and wisdom of God; He covers us. Only when we choose to not put on the armor of Christ do we willfully step outside of the protection of Christ; we open ourselves to an even broader aspect of Satan’s power to destroy.

When we view our lives through God’s wisdom, we are able to clearly see the reality of and the hate within the demonic realm and the redemptive love of Christ. We see people as being image-bearers of God and are able to look beyond the scattered sin patterns of a person and see the root cause as the prince of this world. This not only invokes a Godly compassion on others but also instills an inward desire for God to inspect our hearts and our worldview. Being continually connected to God through daily and specific prayer allows us to consistently keep our worldview in check and guard our minds from deception. We invite and enable God to remove any impurities from and open up any blind spots within our spiritual sight. Through Christ’s victory, we are able to stand firm against the true executor of evil and deflect his deception. Christ has overcome, and in Him, so do we.