The Freedom In Christ approach to becoming a fruitful disciple of Jesus has three essential elements:

Truth is foundational biblical teaching about our identity in Christ and the nature of the spiritual battle we’re in. (See Neil Anderson’s works)

Turning is about repentance and this is where The Steps To Freedom In Christ come in – we take back any ground we have given to the enemy through past sin so that he can’t hold us back any more.

Transformation is about the ongoing renewing of our mind (see Romans 12:2) – we teach a powerful process (“Stronghold-Busting”) to help people replace lies they have believed (sometimes for years) with truth of God’s word.

People often get the impression that Freedom in Christ is about just one of these things – for example, the Steps To Freedom in Christ or “just another course at church”. But actually we need ALL of these things if we want to resolve the effects of the past and become fruitful disciples.

The great news is that there is absolutely no one, who cannot do this. But often people need the help of a loving community around them. That is why as a ministry our focus is on equipping leaders in the local church with our methodology so that many, many people can ultimately be helped.

Adapted from Steve Goss