Belief founds the basis of our personal goals and desires, which in turn guides the direction of our choices.  God’s goals and our goals are originally different.  His goals were divinely established before time, while our goals and desires can be easily influenced and altered in the moment by the world and the surrounding circumstances.  But, if our beliefs are rooted in Christ and how He sees us as His children who are set apart, we will submit to the Godly goals and desires placed within us and spoken over us by God and align our hearts with His will.

God places desires within our hearts to provide us with a drive, a passion, and a hunger for Himself and His goals.  These desires may or may not be fulfilled within this life, but God is goal-oriented.  Though Godly desires are a gift from God, He is looking for those who will dedicate those desires back to the original Giver so that He can transform these desires into Christ-centered actions in order to accomplish His overall goal of redeeming mankind.

At times, our personal goals are blocked, which can lead to anger, anxiety, and depression; however, God uses these emotions to alert us that our focus and sense of purpose has shifted from His goal to our goals. 

Until we are challenged and see our resulting mental, spiritual, and physical reactions, we live in deception and move towards self-reliance, apart from the grace of God intervening to awaken us to the reality of our spiritual walk with Him.  Whether the resistance comes from inward frustration or from outward conflict, God can still use these situations to redirect us and draw out what He has already placed inside of us as saints.  He has ordained a purpose for our lives that completes an essential puzzle piece of His overall goal.  If we give Him our whole lives, including our weaknesses and our strengths, He can use us in unimaginable ways.   In His mercy and love, God can create good out of any circumstance so that our lives become a living testament to the power of God.  There is no person, power, or circumstance that can thwart what God has already ordained.         

When viewed through the lens of Christ’s model, we see that circumstances can be used beyond man-made possibilities.  God is able to bring blessing from the enemy’s ill-intended temptations and trials by divinely molding us within this pressurized environment    to reveal more of Himself in us.  In our flesh, the initial response seems to be manipulation of the person, the circumstance, or the behavior, but if we resist the work and discipline of God, we will miss the blessing embedded within the trial.  God is more interested in spiritually developing and healing us. 

As we continually submit to the molding of God, He is able to move more freely through our lives by cultivating His virtues in us.  God is a rewarder of those who seek Him and daily come to Him in faith.  As we exercise this faith, He is able to continually fill us with His Holy Spirit and make evident His mercy and goodness to others, which propels us towards a life of integrity and excellence so as to be an accurate reflection of God’s character.  When we experience the revelation of who God really is and allow this to impact our day-to-day life, we move beyond an intellectual experience and into an active, living relationship.  From this revealed understanding of the Creator, submission of our thoughts, desires, and emotions to Him becomes a priority because we do not want to move outside of this union with God and behave out of impulse.  We are able to persevere through all trials because we are submitted to the will of the Father and know His fingerprint is sovereignly evident in all circumstances.  This exhibits a growth in Christ-likeness, which gives way for His compassion to move through us.  This outward expression of compassion, untainted by human motivation or profit, reveals the personal and unconditional love of God to each person.  Love is the greatest gift that God has given to us and that God can use to draw others to Himself.  The love of Christ is the foundation of freedom in Christ.