Thoughts can be a byproduct of self-generation or of outward deposition.  The choice then becomes ours to either act upon the thought or allow the thought to exit our consciousness.  Since the mind is the root of every emotion and behavior, this makes the mind the most coveted area of control. 

The mind is a fertile ground for thoughts to take root and direct our outward expressions and inward motivations.  Therefore, thoughts can be cunningly disguised and whispered by the enemy in hopes of establishing a root of deception.  This deception is concealed within seemingly innocent and harmless activities, goals, ideas, people, etc.; however, they are twisted in such a way as to bait us towards a position of spiritual vulnerability to the enemy’s attacks.  When we follow the directions of these whispered lies, we lose spiritual control and become victims of a wayward mind.  This spiritual fluidity within the mind leads to discouragement and ineffectiveness by keeping us blinded to the real source of our anguish.

    We can either be led by our minds under the exhausting control of Satan’s lies, or we can instead choose to allow our minds to be controlled by God.  Non-Christians are controlled by the instability of their thought life because they do not have a standard by which to judge their thoughts; however, as Christians, we have the mind of Christ and a direct relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ, who is the standard of perfection and truth.  In Christ, we have the ability to stand firm in the victory of Christ because He has already won the entire war and equipped us with all power, authority, and blessing accessed within the being of God. 

The end has already been decided through the atoning sacrifice of Christ.  Satan is neither all-knowing nor all-powerful, but he does know that he has already lost and is moving closer to his day of eternal doom; therefore, he is actively seeking to destroy every Christian and prevent each non-believer from turning to Christ.  But, instead of having an obsessive fear of Satan or a passive understanding of his power within this world, we must safeguard our minds by daily putting on the armor of God.  We have already been given salvation and are under the protective hand of Christ, but we do have to take our spiritual life seriously and examine the strength of our walk with Christ.  Through the daily reading of God’s word and attentive, intentional prayer with God, we are able to submit to the will of God.  By faith in the authority of God and His infallible word, we are able to utilize the helmet of salvation, gain access to the authority found within Christ to resist the power of Satan, and deflect the enemy’s deception.  When we realize that Satan is not equal and opposite of God, we are able to protect what we have been given in Christ, see the weakness of Satan’s power compared to God, and stand confidently within the eternal victory of Christ.