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A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal and Spiritual Conflicts

The Me You See is the Me You’ll Be – Dr. Adrian Rogers

This message aired on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk Ministry broad cast recently.  Dr. Adrian Rogers was a well loved and respected man of God.  Listen to this message from 1997 where Dr. Rogers preaches on our new identity in Christ. mirror

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– Grace is God’s acceptance of us.

-Faith is our acceptance of God’s acceptance of us.

-Peace is our acceptance of us.

-Love is our acceptance of others.

-Fellowship is others’ acceptance of us.

-This all begins with and grows from the grace of God and ultimately allows us to love and fellowship with others.  If we don’t realize and accept what God has already done, then we can’t love ourselves, and therefore, we can’t love others.

Break Free From Your Past

Session 9 – Forgiving from the Heart

Bitterness is at the root of so much bondage in our relationship with family, friends, neighbors, churches and even God.  The Christian faith is based on God forgiving us through the work of his son Jesus Christ.  We live forgiven and we forgive to live.  When we stop forgiving others we will loose our joy and start to live in the darkness of bitterness and depression.Session 09

Session 8- Handling Emotions Well

Our emotions are a product of what we believe.  Anxiety, Depression, Fear, and Anger are are fruits of our beliefs.  If we are stuck in bondage to any of these, we must change what we think about and how we think. Romans 12:2

Session 08

Session 7-The Battle for the Mind

There is a spiritual war taking place and the battle ground is in and for our minds.


Session 6- Strongholds

Strongholds are sin patterns that have developed in our lives and require focused attention to destroy.

Session 06

Session 5-Dead to Sin (Podcast)

Now that we are “in Christ” we need to understand why we often still feel drawn to sin (this is our flesh).  We are now dead to sin, (Romans 6:11; 8:9), but sin still exists in our flesh (Romans 7).

Session 05 - Suppliment Johari

Justin’s Story (Podcast)

The best testimony is a life that demands an explanation.

Session 4 – The Effects of Faulty Worldviews

One of the ways we realize faulty worldviews have affected us is when we find ourselves searching for experiences to validate truth. For instance

“We know that our old self was crucified with {Jesus] in order that the body of sin might be brought to nothing, so that we would no longer be enslaved to sin” (Romans 6:6). 

Many who struggle to apply verses like this to themselves wonder,

“What experience must I have in order for that to be truth? I don’t feel dead to sin?  

The only experience that had to happen in order from that to be true happened, over 2000 years ago when Christ died in our place and the only way we can appropriate that is by faith.  Faith in the promises of God allows us to participate with Him in his divine nature (2 Peter 1:3-4).

Adapted from “The Power of Presence” – Neil T. Anderson

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