Freedom in Christ – Mississippi

A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal and Spiritual Conflicts



William’s Story (Podcast)

Learning to trust after years of trying.

Session 2b- What happens to my relationship with God when I sin? (podcast)

There are times in our life where we fall into sinful behavior.  What changes in how God relates to us when we sin?  The answer may surprise you…..

Session 02- Who Am I Now Part2

Session 2a – Who I Am Now? (Podcast)

Our identity is how we see ourselves.  Our behavior is birthed out of our identity.  Many people spend time trying to change their behaviors, without ever changing the way they see themselves (their identity). “In Christ” we are not a better version of ourselves, but an entirely new person!

Session 02- Who Am I Now Part1

Session 1- Man’s Search for Significance (Podcast)

Since the Fall of creation we (humanity) have been looking for meaning in all the wrong ways.Session 01- Where did I come from

Introduction (Podcast)

Power Not Only Penalty

This is an audio podcast that contains the introductory session and overview to Freedom in Christ.

Session 9-Forgiving From The Heart

Bitterness is at the root of so much bondage in our relationship with family, friends, neighbors, churches and even God.  The Christian faith is based on God forgiving us through the work of his son Jesus Christ.  We live forgiven and we forgive to live.  When we stop forgiving others we will loose our joy and start to live in the darkness of bitterness and depression.Session 09

Session 8-Handling Emotions Well

Our emotions are a product of what we believe.  Anxiety, Depression, Fear, and Anger are are fruits of our beliefs.  If we are stuck in bondage to any of these, we must change what we think about and how we think. Romans 12:2

Session 08

Jay’s Story

A journey from control, fear, and anger to a freeing daily relationship with Jesus.

Session 7- The Battle for Our Minds

There is a spiritual war taking place and the battle ground is in and for our minds.


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